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Filters Change Indicators

Filter Replacement Indicators
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Filter & Carbon Adsorbers Replacement Indicators

Ductless Hood Filter Change Indicators

Chemteq manufactures high quality and reliable devices to serve industrial hygiene and safety in the workplace. We are a world class manufacturer of wide variety of breakthrough and saturation indicators for activated carbon adsorbers and ductless hood filters. Our Indicators are available for;

  • Acidic vapors e.g. acetic, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, hydrogen bromide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen iodide, nitric, sulfur dioxide, trichloroacetic and trifloroacetic acids.
  • Aromatic diisocyanates vapors e.g. TDI and MDI.
  • Basic vapors e.g. ammonia, aliphatic amines and pyridine.
  • Formaldehyde vapor, halogen gases (chlorine, bromine and iodine) hydrogen sulfide gas, hydrazine vapor and mercury vapors.

We also manufacture custom saturation (breakthrough) indicators for waste containers filters used in various applications such as hplc and dry cleaning. These indicators are available for; Acetonitrile, alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic diisocyanates (TDI, MDI), aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ethers, ethyl acetate, ketones, methyl acetate, phenol and tetrahydrofuran.

Chemteq manufactures surface wipes for the detection and quantification of trace amounts of chemical contaminants on surfaces. The ChemWipes and color comparators are available for aromatic diisocyanates and mercury.

Our custom and OEM indicators are validated for complete customer satisfaction. With our on-site fully equipped facilities, highly experienced chemists and engineering team, we are able to assist clients in research and development projects. Our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce your product to your specifications within your time frame. Quick turnaround for your prototypes is our specialty.

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Filters Change Indicators, Surface Wipes, Area Monitors. Filters Change Indicators, Surface Wipes, Area Monitors. Filters Change Indicators, Surface Wipes, Area Monitors. Filters Change Indicators, Area Monitors.